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Digital Marketing


What is digital marketing in e-commerce?
How do you find the right digital marketing agency for your online business?
Paying Google or Facebook for some traffic may seem like a good way, but does that translate into actual sales? Many clients come to us with lacking critical factors for success. We offer growth hacking to dig deeper and learn your customers' shopping behaviors. Experts at Golden Lotus boost the number of store visitors and conversion rates with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and marketing schemes that best fit you.



We will analyze A to Z of your store, offer solutions from conversion rates to digital marketing campaigns (SEOs, promotions, etc.).



We plan customized strategies for you. You can go ahead on your own from there or reach out to our team of experts once more for execution. You can count on us to efficiently and reliably carry the load for you, as long as you need it.



We’re not like other agencies that squander money away on AdWords to find out about your business’s weak points. We start from the ground and up, turn every stone to improve conversion rates, traffic, and more. We walk a mile in your shoes and devise cost-effective, pinpoint solutions.

Find out how to get more traffic to your website

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Golden Lotus specializes in global sourcing, e-commerce, digital marketing, graphic design, copywriting, and SEOs (Search Engine Optimization), which means that we can analyze your online business down to every detail. Think the way you do: Your goals and visions are our goals and visions. Join many others and start working with the Golden Lotus e-commerce consulting team for clearer, actionable, and effective strategies that empowers brands, enhance customer experience and boost sales.

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Business Meeting


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e-Commerce Consulting
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